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1)   I love Briggs and Reilly Luggage.  The best warranty on the market, hands down.  Every part is covered for life.  The materials are excellent, the design is flawless and user friendly and the repairs are quick and thorough.  Worth the extra money.  These are pretty much all I own.  

2)   Wear compression socks.  My physician also happens to be an Air Force doctor.  He explained the dangers of pooling blood and liquid in our lower extremities – deep vein thrombosis, clotting and such.  These help prevent these horrible occurrences and help avoid excessive leg fatigue so common with air travel and long walks.
3)   Take a minute to use antibacterial wipes on your plane seat.  If you are going to touch it, or if the other person who sat there before you may have, WIPE IT DOWN.  When planes land, they are vacuumed and large pieces of trash are thrown away.  That’s it.  I used to date a flight attendant and the stories I heard would make your skin crawl.  I guarantee that those of you who travel regularly will get sick significantly less if you do.
4)   Stretch often on long flights.  Sitting for too long is dangerous.  Simple squats, bent over toe touches, and reaching your arms up or behind you will keep your blood flowing and keep you energized and limber.
5)   Avoid excessive alcohol while flying – it’s already a dehydrating affair, more alcohol will only make this worse and the headache you have when you land.
6)   Remember, air travel brings out the worst in people.  Keep calm and stick to a routine.  I travel with a lot of stuff because I’m on the road for long stretches of time.  When I go through airport security, I know the person behind me will get impatient and may even try to jump me in line… they may even try to push my stuff on the conveyor.  As my mom says, “Keep your cool and pack your smile.” It’s about arriving safely in one piece.
7)   Have your security routine down.  Know what you’re carrying.  Know what needs to come off you, know what needs to come out of your bag.  Do a dry run if need be.  You’ll save time, energy and aggravation from dealing with impatient people behind you.
8)   Download Flighttrack Pro.  This app has saved me several times.  It tracks flight delays, weather issues, lets you know gate numbers and even has access to seat maps and terminal maps for several airports – essential for those ultra-tight connections.  

9)   Noise cancelling headphones are essential, not just for appreciating your movies and music better on a flight, but also just for sleeping.  They work very well on crying babies and engine noise alike.
10) Get a luggage scale.  They have handheld scales that are battery operated for usually less than $25.  This simple piece of equipment may save you hundreds in baggage fees at the airport.  Look up the weight limit on the airline’s website.  If two or more bags are heavy – overload one bag and keep the others under the limit.  One super heavy bag will cost less than a few moderately heavy ones.


"Fun Travel Tips, Brooklyn, NY"
10 Mar, 2015

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